Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thank God!

My neighbour got discharged today. I was very happy. God answered our prayers. I never thought God really exist before, I guess he is listening afterall. I told my hubby my intention to convert if she gets better, and she did, but he said I do not need to convert just because I wanted to pray for her, for her to get better. So now she is better, I'm not sure if I am suppose to do what I intended, or will she get worse? I hope not.

The weather has been crazy this week. Last couple days was nice and sunny, and today was rainy. I really wanted to go out so badly today. I wanted to buy her a nice pot of flowers, to welcome her home. She loves flowers, I do too, but I do not like to see the fresh cut flowers die, so the flower in a pot will be a better option. Easter is coming too, so perhaps I'll get her some lilies tomorrow. I hope the weather will be good enough for me to get out.

I was told not to tell anybody that she is home, her hubby doesn't want people to visit. I understand, because when I got home from the hospital with the baby I did not want visitors for a long time until I was ready. I guess I'm just gonna drop the flowers and card at the front porch. I'm just so happy that she is finally home, at the same time worrying if she will get another heart attack. Life is too unpreddictable. We have to make sure that we live with no regrets, just in case if tomorrow never comes, we will go in peace.

It's gonna be another busy week for me. I've been busy checking and booking for hotels for our next vacation, so excited, can't wait for it.. Easter is coming soon I have to start baking and there's a baby sale coming this weekend.. We do NOT need to buy more things for him.. but it's interesting to go and see what they have, and I might actually find something good.

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