Saturday, January 8, 2011

Down with the flu

Today's hubby's turn to get sick. Now the whole family got the flu. Noah and I got better sooner than hubby. He is still sick. I told hubby, "now you know how I felt when I was sick". I had to take care of the sick baby while I was sick too. It wasn't easy. I think hubby appreciate me more after this, he kept telling me thank you whole day, because I made him chicken noodle soup. He felt better after having the soup.

I hate the flu. At least it's all over now, almost. don't have to worry about getting it again. We should have stronger immune system by now. I was glad that Noah is alright...but I think another problem is coming up. He is teething, again. He has been drooling a lot, another tooth will be out anytime soon. Usually he gets very whiney, and he wants more attention, more than ever.

School starts next week, but I think I should wait for a couple days and make sure everything is ok, don't want to be like those irresponsible parents that affected other kids to get sick. I don't want anybody else to be sick. It wasn't nice.

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