Monday, January 3, 2011

Unhappiness Thoughts

I am not happy.
I'm not happy with the crappy cold weather.
I'm not happy to be stuck at home all the time with a whiney baby.
I'm not happy to be feeling so unattractive, yet I do not bother to make myself prettier.
I'm not happy that I will never get my beauty sleep anymore, for the next 18 years.
I'm not happy that there's not good sales when I go shopping, and no good shows on the tv when I wanna watch something.
I'm not happy how some people always ask for your opinion but they NEVER listens.
I'm not happy how 'she' makes me feels like a kid, so stupid and unimportant.
I'm not happy because she told me I'm NOT a good mom, just because my son poo 3 times a day, and I told her it's normal, she thinks otherwise, and she thinks she is always right and when there's something wrong I'm always the one to blame.
I am just simply not happy.
Now just let me sulk.

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