Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas! and A happy New Year

OMG I have been so so so busy.. I am glad it's all over now. I was busy with the parties, it was alright. I hope Noah had a good time, and all the guests too. We went to my in laws place after my aunt and my cousin went back to DC. I hope they had a good time here. The weather was kinda crappy.
Noah's got lots of toys, books, and new clothes. I wish they just give him cash instead. He has similar stuff already and we just stored them away. I think kids do not need too many toys. But I can't just ask people to give him money, people just like going shopping and buying gifts, although they are very unnecessary.
I've finally got my GPS this year. Hubby got it for me. I wanted it for a long time because I want to go to the States shopping, and I am pretty bad at directions. Hopefully I'll get to use it soon. I got a breadmaker from my in laws. We already tried it out, it's so cool that it does all the job, you just need to put the ingredients inside. Now we'll get fresh bread all the time, and it taste better!
I've got more Coach stuff for Xmas this year. My MIL got me a towel, my aunty gave me a hat when she was here... and I got good deals for a pair of shoes, bag and a sling bag. They are so cheap, I am so happy. I bought so many things the past few days.. there's some good sales, not that great but good enough.. and I m trying not to over spend again. (I m going to check out the store again tomorrow ... for just one last time )

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