Friday, December 10, 2010

Impulsive Shopping

Have you ever felt insecure when you update your book and realize there's not much left in your bank account? I got a shock lately that I have nothing left in my account to spend. And more shockingly, I have 12 unused bags, 4 coin purses, 2 wristlets, 2 brand new wallets in my closet. What have I done?!

I think I will have to return some really soon. Some are for my mom, some for my friend, but I still have way too many. The good thing about the shopping policy here is you can return them anytime. I bought 5 shirts for my bro and he only wanted 2, so I returned the shirts but unfortunately it was over 30 days so they gave me merchandise credit.. the more reason to go back and shop, and another reason I have less $ in my bank... sigh.

Noah's birthday is coming pretty soon.. and I ordered/bought him 9 helium balloons cost $20.34. Another impulsive behaviour. I really hate myself for not thinking twice and not able to decide... and I like everything.. so in the end I had to get everything. I really think I should stop spending because I have no more income coming in. I've already tender my resignation letter.. perhaps I'll have to work part time or something or I will never get to shop again... don't ask me about hubby giving me money because I've never asked anybody for money in my life. I make my own money and spend my own money.. that's how it is.. and will always be.

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