Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Noah's First Bite

I haven't been writing lately. It wasn't really because I was busy. Well I was busy sometimes, but most of the times I just don't feel like writing. You know when you have this, ME time that you want to not do anything and just be by yourself.

I got bitten by Noah today. He's got 3 teeth now, and forth one halfway. This little guy sure has some big attitude. The picture is quite faint, but it's there. I was feeding him and lately he likes to grab the spoon and feed himself. I tried to get it back and I got bitten!It was painful at that time, and shocking too. What a lil' brat!

Noah's walking with his walker, and he will try to walk on anything that moves. He will grab your pants and try to walk. He will hold on to anything to stand. He jsut won't stop moving. Sometimes I don't know to laugh or get mad at him... he is just so silly... and his latest favourite toy? POTATO!

I'll have to post some pictures next time. Daddy got a bag of potatoes, and he has been playing with his 'toys'. I always find his 'toys' in unexpected places, in my bag, in the shoes, in his dirty laundry, behind the radio, just about anywhere he can reach. He is surely keeping mommy busy!

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