Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy birthday Noah

It was Noah's birthday yesterday. 3 kids never show up, they were sick. It was great with less kids anyway, they get to spend more quality time together. Noah got lots of presents, as usual. He is such a lucky boy. Thanks to all who came and brought him gifts.

Noah had his first icecream, he didnt like it. Perhaps it was too cold. It was so funny that the little girl licked the cake when we were not watching. I only saw it after in our camcorder, while I was telling her mom how to use the camcorder, she licked it and she was caught on the video!

Noah loves the balloons. He was so happy playing with them, spent so much time with them. It was a good investment. I just need to get him balloons for his birthdays next time. I got really tired by the end of the day, and i didnt get much sleep for a couple days. Only 1 more birthday party to go and I will get my rest, hopefully.

My aunt is coming tomorrow. I'm so excited and happy that they are coming. It's so nice of them to come all the way here to celebrate Noah's birthday. The weather is so crappy, yet so many people are coming. Noah's a lucky boy.

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