Sunday, December 12, 2010

This weekend

Today I bake 3 tins of pineapple rolls. Actually just 2 tins, I was running out of pineapple jam so I used my leftover raspberry/strawberry jam and then grape jelly, all homemade. I make 2 tins of peanut butter cookies last week and we ate 1... so I decided to bake more this time. I was going to make pie-tee cups today but I just realize I couldn't get mengkuang/sengkuang/ they call it jicama bean here
9 it looks like turnip with potato skin).

I spent the weekend cleaning, mopping, wiping, dusting... doing laundry.. really tired now. I am so upset that hubby is going away when I needed him most, well I need him most of the time but I need him now, before the parties, well at least he is gonna be back for his birthday.

I hate waking up at 6 am in the morning, and I usually couldn't sleep until 1 am, so I will be very sleep deprieved. I will try to sleep, or have to sleep whenever I can. Can you believe, that one year has come and gone.. last year, this time I lost my mucous plug and was expecting anytime. This year this time, I am busy planning for his birthday.

Whatever it is, I really hope that this year will be a better year, not that last year wasn't good, it was just really tough. I had to spend Christmas in the hospital, and was so so tired and so emotional.. (I actually cried and didn't want to see anybody then). Well, on the bright side, I get to see Christmas carol. I have never seen one in my life, and that is a great experience indeed. Good work to those who vonlunteered and sing Christmas carol and cheer patients in the hospital. It was really a good job.

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