Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Wonderland..Really?

We got more snow today. Look at that! I spent Noah's nap time shovelling the driveway, only to hear him crying when I came back into the house. Hubby's gone for work again, left me and my lil boy. We haven't gone out for 2 days already. The weather is so crappy, not only cold but windy.

I am feeling depressed. The weather did the job. And Cathay Pacific (CX) emailed me about their promotion. IT's $500 cheaper now than before. I was really tempted to buy the ticket and just fly back to the warmer weather. But it won't work. Hubby wouldn't let me. Noah will have a fit in the aircraft, it's 15+5 hours flight, and 2.5 hours for transit. It will not happen.. but I really wish to escape from here.

Only 2 more days until Noah's birthday. Haven't got any motivation at all. All gloomy and dark outside.. and inside. I'm going to take Noah to school, so somebody can watch him while I go get his brithday cake tomorrow.. Hope everything goes well. There's so much to do yet I feel like doing nothing at all. Hubby please come home quick...

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