Friday, May 21, 2010

You've Got A Mail ?

I went to the post office yesterday and spent quite awhile there, trying to figure out what is the best and cheapest way to post. Why couldn't it be any simpler? Why do they always make things so complicated. Instead of one option, I was given a list of 5 other options, which were basically serving the same purpose, to get it to point B from point A. They just wanted to make more money out of it I guess.

I sent 2 lil' sleepers ( Noah's old clothes that still looked brand new) to a friend who just had a baby. She reminded me of myself when I had Noah, it was tough times, and I was lucky enough to have my in laws getting everything ready for me. They bought him plenty of clothes, more than he needed, and it wasn't cheap. She told me not to send it but I did anyway, as a gesture to show support for other mommies. I felt the connection and understand how it must be for her. It's not easy when you have a premature baby. I'm happy that both of them are safe and the baby is born healthy. That's the best you can hope for.

Back at the post office, the kind lady was trying to help me and got me cheaper rate by separating the items. At first I was told it was over $7 and then it was reduced to 2.44 by separating them, and if you want it 3 days faster, with insurance and tracking, it's only $30+ ! Isn't all the mail suppose to reach from point A to point B safely? Why do you have to pay more for insurance? Will it get lost? Where will it get to?

I have experienced many times, my mail never got to the person I sent to. I do not trust the postman in Malaysia, never ever. Even in London, my friend never got my cards for her. Where have all my things gone? Is there a place that keeps all my lost mail? I really wonder if the postmen were doing their job. I'm sure there are good ones out there but I had too many lost items and I'm too disappointed to trust them again.

Gotta run now.. my little calf calling.. It's moo moo time~

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