Thursday, May 27, 2010

Online shopping

Lately there has been too many people selling clothings online. I was almost tempted to buy so many things but my better judgement won me over, luckily. Do you know how much cheaper it is if you buy them online? It's at least half of whatever you'll be paying in the store. Well it make sense since they have to pay the rental and utilities for the stores. Those vendors must really hate internet now that more and more people is going to online stores instead.

The items are usually priced a lot cheaper online, but shipping is so much more expensive ( unless you can get free shipping ). I almost wanted to buy 20 items of clothing online 2 weeks back. They are so pretty and they are cheap, but I do not need 20 dresses/blouses, and you don't get to try on them or check the quality.

I almost wanted to buy a LV bag, but then after thinking twice (or more), I decided not to. Do you know how much it is and yet still so many people are so crazy about them? Imagine how many family I can feed with the $ for the bag. So I promised myself not to buy, or I'll have to spend the same amount of $ to feed the poor. ( Maybe when I win the lottery and have too much money, it might happen )

Well, just a short crap today. Baby's awake and have to spend more time with him. My parents never really spend much time with me when I was young, so I vow not do it to him (learning from my experiences). They grow up so fast so have to enjoy these precious moments together.

Have a nice and hot weekend!

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