Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby blues

I have been busy. REALLY BUSY. I m not sure what I was so busy about. I just spent my 24/7 with my precious baby boy. Sometimes I wished he didn't come out so early. I wished I had more freedom. He can be quite clingy. I wish he doesn't cry as much, and sleep more often, and do whatever we want/ hope he will be doing. But that doesn't happen.

Babies are difficult. He cries for attention all the time, yet when he smiles, he melts your heart. It makes you feel better, just for a couple minutes.. and there goes the madness all over again. I'll never get to sleep again, not for another couple months at least.

Whatever happen to the saying 'sleeping like a baby' does not applicable to my baby. By the way, my baby doesn't look like a baby.. he gives me a feeling like he is a big boy, well he likes being called as a big boy. He is our big boy. Let's just hope our big boy will sleep thru' the night soon, so mommy can get some sleep..Zzzz

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