Friday, May 21, 2010

Going Green

I never like the colour green when I was younger. I thought it was yucky.. like vege, not that I hate vege it's just like stale food or something. I have changed as I grew older, and naturally my point of view of green has changed too.

Have you ever wonder why I put green colour as my background? I'm going green, of course. A lot of people did not realize that we have been harming the environment. It's time to do something for the world. We took so much from it, it's time to give back. It might not be much but if everybody do something it will help a lot I am sure of it.

I've got my father in law installing fancy clothes line for me, instead of using the dryer. I've been using it whenever we have nice sunny days, and I couldn't love it more. I reuse the water from washing the rice/vege to water the plant, and I'm looking forward to install my rainbarrel. I throw the vege/fruits into the compost and use it as a fertilizer for my plants the next year. I separate all my recycling items each weeks and arrange them neatly in their special recycling boxes. We used to have only one garbage bag a month, but now with the diaper I regret to tell you I have a bag of garbage full of diapers every week. This will subdue too when Noah is fully toilet-trained.

Those were just a few of the little things that I did trying to go green, going back to the nature and trying to save the world, make it a better place. I can do it, why can't you?


  1. Whoa, it's good to go green, I support u fully! Many people do not realise this, but hey, someone has to start somewhere, why we need to wait for each other first?

    I got a bad experience for using my own tupperware once when I was packing my lunch, and got "scolded". The cashier lady told me that my tupperware is huge, and she doesn't know how to charge me, and shoo me to another counter, so annoying! Instead of being appreciative of my initiative, this is what I got from such society...

  2. Hehe.. I remember reading about that. I thought it was pretty funny actually. They can always see how much quantity in there don't they? They actually save $ by not having to use the container.

  3. Sigh, don't know with these people. They can see of course, but they r just plain lazy and not bothered, what to do... That's how our society is sometimes...

  4. Well hope that everybody will make a change.. it's not just one person's job. Everybody have to take part in it. Don't give up tho'