Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ebay for Dummies?

Since I've been shopping too much, more than I needed,(and eBay has free listing this week).. I posted some of the items I got for a good bargain at eBay. Unfortunately, I've never done it before and I do not know anything about it, therefore.. I'm having a sleepless night, again.

I was just trying it for fun not knowing that somebody will actually bid on it. What do I do now? Do I just wait? And I was having so much problems already with those people who work at the post office. They seem to like to charge me more...although I listed it as pay your own shipping.

Gheeee... I never thought it can be so complicated.. I probably should get the book for dummies...I hope they have the step by step things to do, because my listing is ending in 2 days time.. I will need to know what to do..How am I gonna know if the other party paid? How do I know how much the shipping? There's just so much trouble.. I shouldn't have tried it for fun.. It's too late now...sigh

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