Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Never again, on ebay

I'm really upset today. Maybe Ms Red is coming soon, but there's also another reason. I really hate eBay now. They always tell u how easy it is to sell and buy on ebay, they even give u free listing to try.

I sold 4 bags within a couple of days. Unfortunately, not all transactions are smooth. The first buyer was so nice and paid immediately, and return a positive feedback. The 2nd buyer never reply my messages, and somehow the shipping wasn't charged. I tried to get help from ebay but they were not really helpful, just asked me to contact the buyer, which I did, and got no reply from. After deducting the eBay fees, paypal fees, and shipping fees, I actually lost about $10!

The 3rd buyer never pay and the ebay charged me fees for it $18+. Suppose to give me the credit back, but wth! The 4th buyer asked me to send it to a different address because she is gonna be away and don't want to not be there when it arrives. I was naive enough to trust her and sent to a different address, and then later did I found out from Ebay for Dummies that I m not suppose to do that, because if anything happens, insurance will not cover.

So all in all, I learned that it's not an easy business, there's a lot of risk, and u might end up losing $$. The buyer can always refund or there might be some fraud .. just too many risks to list. I'm never ever gonna sell in ebay anymore. It's just a big mess and too much risks.. and not much gained.. but I had to use my own $ to pay for all those stupid fees, and got no help.


  1. Hm, thanks for sharing this piece of information. Guess doing this kind of business is not at all easy and you don't know what sort of people you are dealing out there. Be more careful next time...

  2. yeah.. have to be careful, at least I learned from it, nothing comes easy. It's a big price to pay.. and always do ressearhes and read about it before you do something.