Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If you have been following my blog.. you might notice I've been busy again. I was super busy.. we spent the last week at my in law's for Canada's Day week. It was fun.. and tiring at the same time. All the kids were there and Noah had a great time.

And then we had to come back.. with 2 more new babies; my parents. Now I have 2 more babies clean after and take care of. Thank god it's only 6.5 weeks,well only 5 weeks actually because they'll be travelling away.

IT's not that I do not like my parents, it's just that I never get along with them. They are the totally opposite me. I have to thank them actually because I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't because of them. I learn not to break promises and keep my words.. learn how to not be so messy, learn not to talk too much without thinking first.. and the list goes on.

I almost lost it all but hubby told me to be patience.. have to try to be peaceful, afterall they do not come here all the time. That's what happen when you have to stay with your parents for a long time.. If anybody asked me again if it's a good idea to stay with your parents/in laws? The answer is a big NO.

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