Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dear Mr Diary,

Hubby finally sent my parents away. They will be back in a week's time. After spending 16 days with them, it's different now without them here. Although sometimes they make me mad, I learn how to keep one eye closed and just let it go. Nothing is perfect.

I will have to wake up early again for the next whole week. It was nice that I can sleep in when they were here. I m gonna be sleep deprived again. Noah hasn't been sleeping thru' the night, he wakes up quite often actually, perhaps this is a good time to train him to go back to sleep himself. I had to make him quiet when I had people over because I was worry he will wakes everybody up, but now they are gone, we can go back to training.

Weather has been very hot... and look's like we are getting a storm. I have been so so busy with my garden... and still has so many to do. I sold all my bags on ebay (almost all, only 1 left!). I was so surprised people will spend so much on bags. I guess now I have to go back and get more. It's so easy to sell on ebay but I'm still worry about the transactions, how if I get ripped off? How if the transaction's not smooth..when I've already sent the item out and not get paid? I probably won't sell anymore on eBay, it was something to try..and now I've done it.

My early crops ;)

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