Thursday, July 8, 2010


PHeww...........IT has bee so HOTTTTTTTTTTT lately.. Feels super duper hot after having lots of cool weather. I almost forgot how summer was, until now.

My parents came over for a visit last week. That's why I have been so busy. At first I wasn't happy with them because I was comparing them to my friend's mom and my in laws who are a lot more helpful, but I guess everybody is different, and I shouldn't compare them to anybody. They are still my parents no matter what. I was just so used to my in laws who are so nice and helpful.. I forgot who my parents really are(not that they are super bad or anything just they do not work as much)... I should accept them as who they are, it's hard to train an old dog new trick, let alone two of them.

I've been taking them out shopping, and of course they haven't stopped complaining how HOT it is here. Coming from a hot country, they expect it to be cooler here. The local just love the heat here because we do not get so many hot days. As a tourist location, this place is already packed with lots of tourist from all over the world, and wherever there are tourists, there'll be good sales. We've been buying so much, I should stop buying anything before I m really broke.

I've come across so many sweaty and stinky people while shopping, I wonder if they know deodorant exist. Here's one for you!


  1. Wow, how hot is it there, i mean what's the temperature like, 35???

  2. Actually feels like 40!!
    But it has been raining today so it's a lot cooler.. pheww.. nicer for shopping also