Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My experimental baby food

I had so much problem getting the right food to feed my baby boy. He seems to want to put everything in the mouth, interested in everything we ate, but when I put the baby rice cereal in his mouth.. he either throw it out, play with his finger, or keep it shut.

I thought he wasn't ready, but it was just the type, and brand. His first food was Heinz rice cereal. And then we tried barley.. and then in the mail comes Nestle rice cereal, which he liked better.

I tried them with different testure, more watery, more thicker.. add milk, add water but they dont seem to work. Then i tried mashed carrots, yam and potatoes... doesnt mind potatoes but not the other 2.

He loves banana. So today, i mixed the cereal in with my milk, and banana.. and he opened the mouth wide for me. Experiment success ...

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