Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's all over

6 weeks went by quickly.. not that quick, but it's over now.. phewww. Sometimes I get really mad, but most time I just let it go. They are still my parents no matter how, nothing can change that. Just have to tolerate. I'm glad that I'm not that near to them. Sorry to say this, but I can't hide it anymore. You might be older, but surely NOT wiser. (well you think you are, that's why you never listen) Let's just hope they never find my blog, my dad was asking me about it the other day.. I think they have been stalking me everywhere, online. I used to write in multiply but they stalked me there so I stopped.

I thought I will get more free time when they were here but I was wrong. I was even busier. Had to bring them around, my mom likes shopping. She complained that my aunt took her to the museum, all she wanted to do was to go shopping! She was in DC and never appreciate and take the opportunity to see what's around. That's how shallow she is. Sorry but it's true, and that's exactly how I feel about it.

I do not need to be 'nice' to them anymore because they never appreciate me. My dad told me to kinda 'shut up' when I tried to teach them something, and my mom told another friend that her kids are not as good, she is not as lucky. That's the story of my parents. Now please don't ask me how are my parents and if I miss my family... I am very sure you know how I feel. I do not want to tell lies. It might seem that I m not filial, but if you treat me like shit, you'll get shit. I can be very nice.. only to the nicer people.

At least it's all over now, I am back to my old routine, only one more couple coming to visit and no more guests for the rest of the year.. This tourist guide need a rest!

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