Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Noah's all over the place!

My mom was complaining why I haven't online. I am always online, it's just that I'm not at the desk. The computer is almost never turned off. And I do not have anything to talk to them anyway. I almost wanted to tell them, I have a million of other things to do, I have a life, and my life is not just chatting with you, meaningless talks.

I have been pretty busy, hubby was away for work again, and he will be again, soon enough. She somehow doesn't know how busy I am. It's not easy when you have a 8 months old. You have to watch him 24/7, especially now that he is started to be more mobile.

He is learning how to crawl, and he can sit upright from his tummy. It's strange that he does not fancy all his toys. He rather play with the boxes, fan, air vent, hair brush.. anything but not toys.

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