Friday, September 3, 2010

Ohh noooo.....

I did something very silly today. I went out with a friend for dinner, for Korean food. It was suppose to be one of the good Korean food. Before we get to it.. I've locked my car key in the car!

Hubby wasn't around, luckily my friend's hubby was kind enough to break into my house to get the car key and drove 20 mins to the restaurant!

We went shopping after dinner and then Noah was crying like crazy, probably was very hungry, but we were almost home. He was all happy again after eating, and now he is creeping all over the floor...

Sometimes, you have to becareful because many things can happen in a minute. You might lock your keyin the car.. or your son might be playing with the ... elctrical parts! OMG I gotta go.. he is already at the other end, he is so fast now!

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