Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dinner @ Lake House Restaurant

We went to the Lake House Restaurant last Thursday for dinner, to celebrate my parents in law's 43rd wedding anniversary. I totally recommend this place. The food is so so so delicious!! The price is a bit high.. but if you order the fix prixe menu it's a bit cheaper, and you get the whole course. I ordered this escargot for appetizer.. the best I've ever had!

After being filled up with the escargot.. here comes my main course. It's double bone pork with baby bok choy, corn and baked potatoes.. yum yum.. I only managed to eat half of it.. was already too full after eating those escargot.

Meanwhile hubby ordered New York striploin. He said it was very good. They actually brought him the wrong potatoes, he ordered for mashed, but they changed it soon after. It was a really great meal

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