Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'm so so super duper happy.. I was so so happy yesterday that I went around kissing everybody.. not really everybody.. probably just Noah.. and the person who bought me this bag! and I can't thank the girl who works at the big C enough because she found this for me!

I was looking for a diaper bag because that's all I carry most of the time.. diapers and baby stuff.. and then I saw they do sell Baby Bags at the Coach.. but it was too expensive. So my mother in law and I went the other day and saw some diaper bags on sale for 50%!!!!

She actually paid for my bag.. I chose a slightly more expensive one.. only $11 more than the canvas baby bag but I think it's a lot nicer and easier to clean with this, I wouldn't have paid over $450 for a diaper bag otherwise.. and it's still a very expensive baby diaper bag even for me!!

I love it .. I LOVE it and I LOVE IT!!!!!!


  1. hehee.. even diaper bag is Coach!! haha!! Good job girl!! Who said u can't change diapers in style? :-P

  2. Yeah.. probably my final coach bag.. for now ..hehe. Loving it!