Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baby Time..all the time

So hubby's gone for a week.. but I'm quite busy. Of course I am.. now that I have him 24/7, no breaks at all. I went to sleep at 930pm yesterday! I had to force myself to sleep whenever he sleeps because he soesn't sleep very much!

Anyway I have a big project, I claimed all the points from Pampers, grow with gift. With my 1000 points, I can get a free photobook. I've spents a couple days putting everything together and I can say it looks great. If you're interested to get a photobook, you can visit www.shutterfly.com the price is quite reasonable, but I'm trying it out with my free points first... and they(pampers) are suppose to send me something to claim my free photobook, don't know how it works, but my point's gone and there was an error when I tried to claim it.

Baby Noah goes to school now, Mon-Fri 1030am. He loves his story times and sing-along. It's free to go to the school, just across the street here, they have a Parenting and Family Literacy place.. where you can bring your kids in, whenever you want. Noah goes to the library for Baby bouncing classes on Thursdays but I don't think it's as good. Anyway, gotta go.. my big boy is ready to go out for a walkn!mmmm

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