Monday, September 13, 2010

Coffee, tea, or FB ?

FB ( Facebook) is additive, as in coffee to most people. I won't deny I spent more time than I should on FB, even hubby was complaining about it. I used my only remaining available free time (when Noah's sleeping or busy playing by himself) online, using FB. I have 474 friends in my list, mostly friends from school, excolleagues, and friends of friends, oohh not forgetting the family, even far distance relatives, whice usually are more annoying because they like to stalk my FB.

I got so annoyed by too many messages, even unwanted one, and too many scams, too many people trying to sell their products... Sometimes I get 5-10 messages in a day. There's this privacy setting, I've just learned how to use it recently, I know I should use it earlier, so I wont get all these unwanted messages. Anyway, I put almost everybody in my limited profile list, if they are my close friends, and if they are sincere to keep in touch with me I will remove them from my limited list. I just do not like the idea of people stalking my profile almost everyday. (I even tried deactivating my FB!)

I am not a chatty person and I do not like replying mails, as I've mentioned before. I used to be chatty but I got fed up when the people you chat with is not sincere to chat with you. Most of them have motives, or some just answer with a word or two when you're trying to chat with them, which I felt insulting, although they might be busy, but if you are busy you can just say I'm busy, right? Anyway, I'm not going to initiate the chatting first unless the person is looking for me.. and usually if somebody does, he/she has a reason to find me.

I'm so addicted to the games in FB.. and usually I won't reply when I'm in the middle of it. So if you're looking for me and I'm slow means I'm playing my games ok? And if I do not reply at all means I'm just not at the table, I usually leave my FB/MSN/Skype online 24/7 since it's free.. hehehe.. So much for unlimited internet uses.. Used to be very expensive and my dad always scold me for using the internet, but now I can use it as much as I want.. pay back time!

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