Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anybody else coming this way?

I went to the bank today to check what's going on with my account. I paid online yesterday and it didn't show that I paid. So they told me it takes 48 hours to show! And worse of all, they may charge me over and over again for each transactions I made over limit... I think I had 5 more transactions after the limit.. that will be $125!! Ghheee.. are they not the licence loan shark?

Feel like being ripped off.. and I actually feel like ripping off my card. But I think it will be ok after this, because last month my parents were here and other guest, they have been using my card to pay for purchases.. I think I will not spend so much by myself.. still , well no point crying over spilt milk. What is done is done, just have to becareful next time. For those who has a credit card, becareful with your spending... I made a mistake for not reading the very fine prints.. and I have to pay for it.

Anyway I have good things to look forward to. My in laws will be coming soon. They are very nice people, and they will help me babysit, which means we will get our own romantic babyless time again , yay...

Just as I thought there visitors are all gone, my friend just told me yesterday that she is flying in to Toronto.. yay.. again. And she is bringing me my favourite dates+ amond coated chocolate.. yummy.. the last time she was here I was still pregnant, I guess this will be her 3rd time, only once a year, and maybe the last time, cos she is resigning.. :( no more chocolate .. but yay again, she is helping me to bring some stuff back for my mom. Eventhough sometimes I can be really mad at my mom but it will pass quickly.. I wont stay mad at her for a long time, she is my mom after all. I just like to fret and then it will be ok... and I only have one mother to get me mad anyway, how bad can that be right?


  1. own romantic babyless time?? hehe.. one more baby pop out!! :-P

  2. You have your baby popping out soon? :p