Thursday, September 9, 2010

Going back?? Maybe not?

I'm in dilemma, whether to go back or not. Yesterday I decided not to go back. The flight is super expensive. $2k for me and my baby. $4k for 3 of us! And then my good friend told me she is having a wedding in August.. and now I'm thinking twice, again. So much for my sleepless nights.

I am worry how Noah can cope with the long flight.. Or will I get crazy if I stay with my parents for too long.. Or will my bro break his promises again, to take time off and take us around.. I felt being cheated because he promised but he never do it. He had his excuses but still.. I will not trust him anymore because he can use the same excuse again.

How if I get pregnant again and couldnt fly? There's just too much to think of, it's still another year.. many things can happen.. and lots of people start ordering for the bags already!

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