Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nokia Nuron

Hubby was away yesterday. So I went to see a friend, they have a baby 5 months older than Noah. I got freaked out, just a little bit because I thought I don't have their number.

I had it saved in my phone but then hubby took mine because his was in the washer! I don't think it will ever work anymore, but we'll see.

The other baby was only 5 months older.. he was way bigger than Noah but now, he's just a little bigger. It was so cute, and funny they were trying to copy each other. Maybe in a couple months they will be almost the same sizes and they can play together.

I have to not change his diapers in the middle of the night anymore because he always pee when I am changing him! Perhaps it's the cold air.. or it's just bad timing. I had to change him 3 times yesterday!!

Here's a funny video from Nokia. They copied the twilight movie... hehe. I watched the first 2 movies, but I think they are more for teenagers. I do read books about vampires so the movie is just ok for me.. I like the books better.. anyway, enjoy

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