Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shopaholic/ Coachaholic?

I went shopping today(again). Everyday (almost everyday) I have to refrain myself from going to the store (especially Coach). Whenever I do not feel happy, I have the urge to go shopping, and get something nice, doesn't matter if it's for myself, or for others. I love to get good bargains. Yes I know, I am cheap, I love getting good deals, but why pay more when you can get the same stuff for a fraction of the price?

I always ask hubby to guess the items I purchased, and he usually guessed it right. He knows I wont buy it unless it's really really cheap. I bought GAP t-shirts for as cheap as under $4, Adidas cap under $5, Tommy Hillfiger Shirts under $6, just to name a couple. Today, I bought a ball for my son for $2, and a dress for my friend's baby girl. I might not see her soon, but someday I will, I hope it will still fits her.

Noah loves shopping. He loves looking at the mirrors. He loves to see the other cute baby in the mirrors. Sometimes he laughs, sometimes he shriek, happily.. but he is usually enjoying the other baby in the mirror.

I am going to have to go to Coach again, for once and all, and never return (for awhile). All my guests have come and gone, and I have leftover items that I need to return.. There'll be no more reasons for me to go to Coach. I have enough bags.. and my credit card was declined the last time I went to Coach, I bought too many bags. No more shopaholic.. no more coachaholic.. back to my whiney baby.


  1. Sue...you sure you can refrain from the big C??

  2. I hope i can.. I went back and return 1 bag... I still have a lot to return.. one at a time .. hehe