Saturday, August 28, 2010

Not just a hat

I went shopping again today. In fact I've been shopping everyday. Although I haven't bought anything today, it's the happiest shopping trip in the week. I bought a lot of stuff during other shopping trips, in fact too many stuff, my hubby call them junk. They are not junk. They are just not vital stuff that we need. They are still good stuff, that we might need one day.

Why am I so happy today? I finally found his lost hat. He lost his hat during one of those shopping trips. I went back at least 3 times. Asked 3 times, and got no hat. Today, I finally found his hat, in the clearance bin! It was for sale for $2!!

You might wonder why I keep going back for the hat? It's not an expensive hat, it's just that he likes that hat... so it's pricelss. You can never buy back something that you really like, never. Sometimes, precious things are priceless, can't be valued. It might be just a cheap shirt, or hat, but if you really like it then it's priceless. Hold on to it and never lose it again!


  1. I agree with you that anything can be priceless as long as you cherish it with all your heart. Glad to know that Noah has got his favourite hat back! :)

  2. Yeah.. he got his lucky hat back.. Maybe will buy a lottery or enter baby contest see if it will be lucky..hehe