Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Dentist

I went to the dentist today. I never really like Dentist (well who like dentist?). I finally found a dentist that I like and then we had to move. Now I have a new dentist, from India. The technology is so..different from few years back, or maybe it's just better here. I had my denture's x-ray, and they made a mold for my teeth.. I was surprised.

It's really expensive too, but luckily everything is covered by the insurance. I had 3 fillings today and it cost almost $550! I don't know why the dentist always change my filling and seems like I always have a few bad teeth.. I tried brushing better .. but still I got bad teeth.

I blame it all on my parents, of course. They never really force me to brush my teeth, well they were always not home. And of course if it wasn't checked sometimes I 'forgot' to brush. It didnt help much as I do not like the minty flavour of the I never really liked brushing my teeth. When I was working, due to irregular hours and sometimes I was too tired even to brush my teeth.. it became worse..

It's kinda a new start for me and my teeth, most of them are bad.. but better late than never right? I will have to really take good care of my remaining good teeth.

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