Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is it the people? Or it's just me?

I've been avoiding people lately. I get annoyed so easily that I figured the best way is not to get in touch with anybody, that way I do not get so upset about things. People somehow get their way into making me mad. Some people always give me negative feedbacks.. and complains. I'm trying to stay healthy and positive but this people keep bugging me with problems and stuff.. I just find it annoying.

So I've made my final decision not to talk unless neccessary at work, and anywhere else outside my house. People seems to like to create problem although everything was perfectly fine. I always wonder if those people are too free, or they just want to make their life more interesting by doing that, because they are too bored?

Whenever I'm not so happy (which is most of the time after work) I'll go to my garden and look at my crops. They make me really happy, I'm always rewarded with something whenever I visit my little farm behind the house. They always gives me surprises. Sometimes I feel like animals and plants is so much nicer than human beings. I don't mind spending more time with them.

I spent the rest of my time playing games and looking at my little nursery. It's almost ready now. I was going to take some pictures and post it but my camera ran out of battery. Kids nowadays are well pampered. The little unborn has so many toys and clothes already.. Sometimes it feels so nice looking at the little socks... only an inch big.. I wonder if I will break some bones ..the baby lil' clothes seem so tiny.. and fragile...

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