Friday, July 17, 2009

A New Life has begun ...

Yesterday, I spent my whole day in St. Catherine. It's just over 20 minutes drive from here, but we had appointments at different times, well at least everything got done, for now.

I was told to drink 5-6 glasses of water, and somebody else told me to drink a litre of water, an hour from the appointment. Anyway it didnt really work that well, because we were there early and got in early.

We went to see the baby for the first time.. the little alien moving around in my body, it's like a miracle. It's a very rebellious baby, and of course a photo shy baby because we took an hour to finally get pictures taken. It's really cool how you can see the little alien inside the little uterus. At one point, it was staring back at me and waving the little hand.. it was really cute.

People like to give advises all the time. Sometimes I get really annoyed, especially it when it has been repeated for a hundred time. I was given a list of things to not eat or do.. mostly because of supertitions. I do get annoyed by people a lot of time, so please do not bug me. I hate buggers. I hate people with high pitch voice. I hate bad people... just please leave me alone.

I feel like I'm a tiger.. a momma tiger, protecting myself and the unborn. I will bite if you cross over my line.. Some people had indeed crossed over my line lately.. I have forgiven them after deep thinking because whatever comes around goes around, they will get it back one day... I do not need to do anything about it, need not to stress myself out and the baby.

I think the baby is going to be a smart baby.. look how big the brain is! So far it has been good.. I used to get up at 4 every morning and feel hungry until one day, Mark told the baby, baby let mummy sleep a little longer, dont get hungry at 4.. and now I get up at 6 to drink my milk! What a nice little baby.. hehe.


  1. Wah... FINALLY the BIG NEWS! Someone's gona be a mommy!!! :P Btw, congratulations to you! So, how many weeks old? Think the doctor cannot tell if it's a boy or girl yet, right? Anyway, do take care. Hope to hear more news about the new family member! :)

  2. Finally a glimpse of your new family member~ Congrats gal!!!

  3. awwww so sweet, what a good baby :) Talk to the baby more cuz when he/she is older, the bonding will be stronger

  4. Haha.. thanks everyone...
    Don't know the gender yet but I think it's a girl..
    Yeah.. will talk more.. i think the baby likes to eat cos i told the baby not to waste the food or i wont feed her good food anymore.. n i only threw up like 5-6 times so far.. and it'm 13 weeks already hehe.. 3 months.
    Anyway Mark thinks the baby couldnt listen to me.. cos I'm too far from my tummy.. the baby will only listen to him haha

  5. Hehe... the baby will listen to you... whatever you feel and think, your baby will feel and think the same too...good mom = good baby :D