Thursday, July 30, 2009


Waiting is a very painful process. I hate waiting, and I am sure everybody else does too.
I went to the doctor's the other day, I had to wait and call to make appointment, and then wait again when I'm there.. and the doctor only saw me for less than 5 minutes, gave me a prescription, and then there I was waiting for my medicine, for another 30 minutes when there was nobody in line!

I had this rashes on my one foot, the same one that my mum had and I thought I had ear infection too. Well, it turned out that my ear is perfectly fine, although sometimes I can hear buzzing sound, or sometimes it is like when the water gets into your ear when you're in the pool. It comes and goes, and has been lingering around for almost a month. So I finally decided to check it out, along with my very itchy foot. The only reasonable explaination that I got that buzzing in my ear is because of the pregnancy, it seems to screw things up a lil'. The doctor said, I just had to bear with it for another 6 more months, sigh.

Anyway, my foot is getting better now, I hope, although it's still itchy from time to time, and most of the time I'm trying not to touch it. I am now walking to work most of the days, Monday- Friday, and I find it refreshing to walk through the park, getting the nice breeze in the morning. I hate waiting to get a ride from somebody, I just hate waiting, it's like you never know when it's gonna happen, I guess I m the type who likes to take things in my own hands.

Recently, someone I know is waiting, everyday. I wish her all the best of luck. I hope miracles will happen and her patience will bring her great reward. I understand how painful it is because I'm kinda waiting in a way.. for another 26 weeks to come!

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