Monday, August 3, 2009

Q & A

I can't believe how some people still not know by now that I'm pregnant. The news was spreading like wild fire at work. People were guessing right at the start and kept spreading it, and I'm surprised, almost every other day, somebody else was new to hear the story after more than a month has passed.

I can't believe how fake some people are, asking me questions, like they are so close to me, although I hardly talk to them. I can't believe, how some people can hug and kiss me when they heard the news when I don't even talk much to them.. and one particularly asked me to mind my own business (in some kinda way) and then complained when she wasn't the first to know.

Fake people are everywhere. I hate it when I met people that I do not talk to usually, and they keep throwing a bunch of questions at me. The norm will be, are you excited? How many months? Is it gonna be a girl or a boy? Do you want a girl or a boy? Did you plan to have the baby..?? etc..etc...

I tried to come out with different answers everytime because I'm tired of all the same questions.. over and over again.. almost everyday. Imagine how tiresome it can be..
Anyway.. in case any of you who wants to know.. for once and all.. I will answer some questions there.

1. It's a healthy, active bb about 15 weeks now.
2. I think it's a girl, don't care girl or boy as long as healhty... but I think it's a girl.
3. We are married so it's normal to have a baby.. so doesn't matter it's plan or not, it just happen and I'm pregnant... so be it.
4. Excited? More like annoyed by people who bugs me too much. I just want to take it easy and worry bout it later.. so no bugging me please.
5. I already have many baby stuff from my sis in law.. in case anybody wanna know if i start buying stuff.. that's the other Q people likes to ask.. and the bb room was ready before I knew I was pregnant.. so, that's it!


  1. Wow, guess your pregnancy is getting into you, hehe. Anyway I think it's partly the mood swings, you know, having to carry another life in you wearies you too. Stay calm, is good for the baby. Take care~

  2. Is it called pre-natal symptoms? I guess something like PMS where we get mood swing. Hehe...anyway, stay cheerful Sue Yen...happy mother = happy baby :)) Take care!