Sunday, June 13, 2010 more work...

I almost have a meltdown just now (when I dropped the garbage and spilled everywhere on the kitchen floor). There just so many things to do all the time! Noah was getting whiney and was cryinjg so I pretended to cry with him, and then he tried to cheer me up, what a sweetheart.

There's always so many things to do around the house, especially when you are already very tired. I usually get more rested on the weekends as hubby takes over the duty and watch the baby, so I can sleep in a little bit longer, but yesterday, my neighbour next door decided to start the renovation around 8 am! I moved to the back room to sleep, and the other neighbour start banging and building their patios! How nice it was to start my weekend. Lots of noises from everywhere.

It didn't end there. Hubby was feeling sick.. and he wasn't doing much anymore. He doesn't want to get the baby sick too. So I have the baby, with tons of laundry to do, lunch and dinner to cook, house to clean, weeds to pull..the garden was waiting for me to just never ends!

And people still thinks I'm very free at home, just the baby and I with nothing else to do. I don't understand how they have the impression of me staring at my baby with boredom? My parents told me to wait for them to come and they can help, but probably I'll have 2 more babies to take care of. It'll probably add to my workload. My parents are not very independent, compared to the people here.. they are 'old'. They are not that old but they always feel old and uncapable of doing anything at all.

My father in law who is older than my parents is still so healthy and so young. He comes and fix everything in the house and do all the heavy work, yet he never complains a single word. There's so much difference between them. I believe if you think young, you'll be least you'll feel younger.

Enough whining today. I should think more positive so life will be easier...back to work!

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