Sunday, June 13, 2010

My yummy cupcakes, (without icing)

There was once, a colleague was telling me how tasty her cupcake was. I had a bite and I was so disappointed. The cupcakes that they make here it's very different from mine. Their cake is completely tasteless, and usually it's coated with lots of icing on top, colourful ones too ( I personally do not like sweet sutff and artificial colouring, not very healthy). I never have another bite of cupcakes from other people here ever since, because their cupcake is not my cupcake.

After modifying and baking many times, here's what I came out with, a new recipe. It's so simple and easy to make, and I guaranty it's the best ever. I usually put it in the microwave for 7 seconds to warm it up before I eat them, it will be soft and warm.. yummy. There's another thing the people here loves to do, freeze the cookies and cakes.. I'll never do that. Freshness is everything to me. Frozen stuff? Nothing is frozen, except ice-cream.

Here's the recipe if you decided to try it out;

1 piece of butter (I believe it's 454g)
1 cup of sugar
5-6 eggs
cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla
some raisins if you like them
About 1 1/3 cup of flour

1. Beat the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
2. Add eggs one at a time.
3. Add flour a little each time. Do not stir it too much once you put the flour because it will make your cake hard. I do not really have accurate amount for flour, just make sure it's not too runny or too thick. Add baking powder.
4. Separate the mixture into 2 bowls, add cocoa powder, as much as you like, just use your common sense. And add vanilla to the other bowl.
5. Scoop it out from the bowls and add raisin into the cups if you like raisins. Put the cocoa at the bottom n the plain one on top so you know that it's turning brown, not brown because of the cocoa.
6. Bake in the oven 350 for 25 mins... and enjoy!


  1. Easy for you to beat, you have a kitchenaid!

    V x

  2. Hmm... try using other brand mixer?