Friday, June 4, 2010

LOST and Found!

I thought I lost my watch in the hospital. I have been so busy and haven't been keeping track of the time, and I didn't need to wear a watch... because I spend all my time for him, I had no time to look for my watch.

I finally looked for my watch, everywhere in the house. I was pretty sure I didn't wear it to the hospital because I wasn't wearing any jewelleries or accessories at all, of course you will not wear anything at 3 am.

Anyway I was so disappointed and I gave up. It was a very nice watch my mom bought for me when I went back to M'sia last year. I really liked it. The old me would have asked my mom to get me another one, but the new me will not do that anymore.

I asked my mom to replace my broken necklace and she didn't do that. I was disappointed. I really hate people who break promises. If you tell me you are going to do it, I m expecting you to do it. Do not tell me one thing and not do it, better not tell me at all. It's almost like a lie. I hate people who lies.

Anyway I shouldn't expect anything from anybody. So the new me will not ask or expect anything from anybody, even if it's offered, because people like to say something (nice) but not do it (especially my mom) and then I'll get disappointed again.

I was all sulking and then hubby told me to look in the backpack, and guess what I found? I found a muffin (almost 6 months old), a chocolate bar, the lost mitten, and my watch! It was in my backpack all along and I haven't had the time to look at my backpack ever since I got discharged from the hospital.. Imagine that!

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