Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I finally found my glasses!

Hubby wasn't home last night. It was tough doing all the work by myself. He kept waking up almost every hour last night but I'm getting use to it, although I am still quite tired. This morning he woke up at 530 am. Usually hubby takes over the morning shift but I was alone without help.

I decided to pamper myself and give myself a good reward. Firstly I went to the Coach store here, and bought these sunglasses. I had a hard time looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses. I have a flat nose and usually doesn't hold up right. I finally found something that is comfortable, and it was on special!
I was so greedy and I thought I should get more rewards so I went to the KFC and get my favourite fried chicken. It has been a real rewarding day (except for some whiney parts). I think I've been working so hard lately and I deserve a break, and reward, from myself ;) to myself.


  1. Hey, of course you deserve a break! You're not SUPERMOM! :) Btw, I got a flat nose too, and difficult to find sunglasses and I can buy any without the nose support!

    You've got a cool and stylish looking one!

  2. Thanks.. I really like my new sunglasses.. Finally found the one~