Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I had this packet of old huggies diaper from my sis in law. I m not sure where she got it, but she gave us a bunch of other stuffs.. with this huggies diapers. Last night I tried on them because I was running out of Pampers.

It was a bad choice. A really BAD one. I changed his diaper at 130am, he kept waking up, 2,3,4.. I then realized he was all soaking wet! Stupid diaper. Can't even contain the pee. I had to change the sheets and his clothes, and of course he was wide awake by then. I blame it all on huggies.

I will never ever buy huggies or use them again. They sucks. I was already so tired and sleep deprived...and I guess I m to blame too because I used huggies. Never ever again!

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