Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer is here~

Summer is Back!!

It has been so hot lately. It has been a year since we have this nice weather. My garden is overgrowing, as usual.. and I've been giving all my lettuce away!! Free lettuce, anyone?
Anyway, I'll be very busy this weekend.. and the whole week after. It's Canada Day's week, gonna have lots of visitors over.
My friends made another blog about food and recipes, so from now on, you can get my yummy recipes at Gastronormia. I can't wait to try the recipes.. it looks really good..
And Eliz, if you are reading this, I still want your karipap recipe.. or your mom's.


  1. Would love to try ur lettuce, but unfortunately u'r too FAR AWAY!!!!

    Hahaha! Like I said, it's my mom's recipe, not mine. OK lah, I will ask her to write down properly, and I email it to you. Hopefully you can follow the recipe :).

  2. Come..come get the lettuce before they turn bad..hehe..
    Only available for a short time...

    Ok..remember to ask ur mom.. I miss your karipap~ Thanks in advance. Do I need to get the mold?

  3. Well, if you know how to wrap it, then you don't need the mold.

    Will let you know when I got the recipe :).