Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I had a bad day?

Today wasn't a good day. It wasn't too bad a day, it was just a not so great day. We went out to get groceries this morning after 930am, and he had a little nap in the car... and didn't sleep until after 430pm! I spent the whole day trying to get him to sleep.

I tried all methods to make him sleep. Singing, reading, rocking... letting him cry (which I hate the most) and taking him out in his stroller, and none of them worked. He fell asleep briefly when he was in the stroller, only to be awaken by curious neighbours (again!)

I don't know why people likes to wake my baby out when I m trying to get him to sleep. I keep trying to hint and tell people he needs to sleep.. and they always wanted to see the baby. I wish I can be rude and turn away.. or tell them to back off 3 feet from my stroller. These people really don't understand!

To add to it, the next door Philipino nanny tried to teach me how to get my baby to sleep, she said do not rock, just let him cry. She thought I never try it before.. well I did, and it didn't work. Well, she doesn't know much either because she hasn't got any babies yet. I'm in doubt about letting her babysit my precious baby boy now. People just like to give advises as usual. You will not understand unless you've been in the same shoes.

Well, it has been a not so good day for me today. At least I cheered myself up with nice mango smoothies and durian cake that my parents sent me. Something to look forward to...hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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