Monday, June 14, 2010

We've got bird nests in our nest

I don't know why the birds keep coming back and make nests around my house. Last year, we forgot to take the Christmas wreath at the front door and the robin made a nest and lay 3 eggs. It wasn't successful as we often use the front door and scare it away. This year, they decided to do it at the deck behind my house.

At first it was the the mourning dove settling in at my grapevine on the deck. A week later the Mr. & Mrs Robin decided to move in beside Mr & Mrs Dove. Do you know that the doves take turns to sit on the eggs? It's always there but they take turns. Robin flies away sometimes and leave the eggs unattended, but they are watching from nearby.

I'm pretty worry after 2 weeks when the eggs hatches, usually the robin will attack human to protect the babies. Will have to stay away from the nest, which is difficult, because it's right behind my house. I hope they don't mind sharing the deck, well they never pay rent, so they should be thankful.

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