Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

It's pretty funny when I see people always post, my beloved (somebody). I will never use the word 'beloved' not that I don't love my hubby or anything, but then that word just creep me out. You always see that word in tombstone, " My beloved husband/father/daughter" etc. That words just reminds me of a graveyard with lots of the same word.

The other reason is the word doesn't seem right to me. Beloved = be loved ? I just don't like anything in the past tense. I prefer anything but past tense. We should look forward not backwards.

Anyway it's Father's Day today. Happy Daddy's Day to all the fathers in the world. We are not really doing much. It's a little too commercialize (not that fathers are not as appreciated as mothers). I've been too tired lately to do anything at all.
Just want to have a relaxing weekend with the family. Happy Father's Day!

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