Saturday, June 12, 2010

Do NOT Disturb

I took my baby out for a walk yesterday. We stopped by at the place I used to work. Everything is different now. Everybody is different. While I was happy to go back and see how thing was going around there, I was upset at the same time to see how lives moved on so quickly.

It must be a good place to work at if you are planning to get pregnant. Seems like a lot of people are getting pregnant there, and of course I was the first one. Everybody was :) happy to see my cute little boy, growing bigger and bigger each day.

And then come this girl who tried to scare my baby by knocking on his tray on the stroller! She was trying to be funny but, DON'T YOU KNOW YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO SCARE BABIES?! Luckily he didn't cry out loud. I told her not to do that because she will scare him and make him cry.. and she asked me.. oohh he will cry? Of course he will!

I might have been over protective of my baby but I find it offensive when people try to give my baby a hard time..or make him cry. He has been a little sensitive lately, not sure if it was due to his teething soon, or maybe he is at the shy stage. Whatever it is, never ever scare a little baby, especially mine. Mommy tigress can be fierce!

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