Monday, September 24, 2012

The Cold is BACK!

The season is here, I mean the cold season. It is back. I get sick every year, around spring and fall time, wouldn't miss it. Kiana started her runny nose after going to the park. Then Noah had his, and me with mine. Kiana is all better now, Noah has a couple cough now and then... and I feel as sick as ever. It was the hardest when I had to be home alone with the 2 kids for the 4 days!

I've been trying new recipes for steam buns and dim sum. They turned out great. That, I will have to post later when I am feeling better, as I am still wrapping wontons (with my tissue papers). I still have to work on my steam buns. I made some with Hong Kong Pao flour but they are most expensive and hard to get around here, so I decided to try out the normal flour but it wasn't great. Let me try a couple times and see if it will turn out better, hopefully eventually.

It's actually fun to try out new recipes. The only thing is to have to eat those not so nice ones, if it didn't turn out good because I hate to waste anything. Well, if it is good then I'll have no problem disposing it to anybody. My friend told me my carrot cake was good, it just made my day.

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