Monday, September 10, 2012

My Angels

Wow, I couldn't believe it has been 9 months since my last post! I know.. I am slacking here but I have my every reason. I have been busy of course. I'm now a mother of 2, Noah is going to be 3 soon, and Kiana's almost 7 months old. I've been told that we have a millionaire family... or something like that. Everybody seems to be envious of my life. Well, here's my story.

Kiana did not born premature as her brother did. She was actually born on Valentine's Day. What a beautiful day to be born. She did look a little mad when she was a newborn but she is now a very happy baby. It wasn't easy to push her out as she was huge!

 Fortunately Noah gets along very well with his baby sister. That's the big question everybody been asking anyway. He is very helpful and loves to play with her, ALL the time. Just have to watch them because he doesn't know how to be very gentle, yet.

 Everybody keeps telling me how lucky I am and I should make more kids, I've given all the baby clothes away, I know it's early to give them away but I need to make more space and declutter. Kiana is so lucky to receive so many gifts from everybody that I do not need to use any of Noah's clothes.

 I am so glad that I have a beautiful daughter and son now. They do keep my days busy, very busy. I love dressing her up, as you can see in the pictures. It's so much fun. And she is such a happy baby, so content playing by herself. It's such a big difference from my big boy, who still seeks attention all the time now.

Kiana started eating since she was 4 months old. She loves to eat. I think she wants to grow up as fast as possible so she can join her big brother. She loves to put anything in her mouth.
 I'm now into baking cakes. I've took a short 4 days course to learn how decorate the cake. Made this banana cake for her 6 months old. I will share more recipes in the future.

 Kiana loves music.She can pull herself up to sitting position since 2 weeks ago, and started rolling since 3 months old! She is also going to be a model, as what the doctor jokingly said, because she is tall.

 Noah loves playing with his sister. Noah loves doing anything with his sister. He loves sharing his food with his sister too, and I have to watch what he shares. Noah goes to school now, that explain why I am blogging again. He's going 3 times a week this month and more next month. I'm going to have more time to do things that I wanted to do, or just spend more time with my little princess.

I take Kiana to the Early Years Centre or to the park after sending Noah to school. She loves going out so much, we have to enjoy the nice weather before winter comes. Well, that's about what happened for the past 9 months, been busy with my new life, my 2 beautiful angels, and guests that came and visit now and then.

More updates in the future!

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