Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chairs for sale anyone?

I posted a bunch of pictures on Kijiji and tried to sell the baby stuff away. I just wanted to get rid of them anyway. I've got at least 4 emails asking about the bumbo that I was selling, and it got sold this morning, so fast. I asked for $20 but the lady came with $30.. usually people will bargain for stuff but this is the first time somebody actually trying to give me more. Anyway I returned the $10 for her, and asked her if she wanted more items, I had the highchair for $10 but I told her she could have it for $5, even though she was going to give me the $10.. and gave her a bassinet and another chair for free.... my real intention was just to get rid of stuff but I do not want to post it free because I might get too many calls from strange people.

I am very careful not to give away my add or phone, you'll never know what kinda people might show up right. I still have a lot of baby stuff I need to get rid of, and the toys in my garage. It's too much trouble to have a garage sales, and I don't think we have enough items anyway, don't really want to sell out junks like what other people usually does. 

Well it was a good experience, first time selling things on Kijiji and I made myself a new friend. Turned out she lives nearby and have a son and a baby girl, just like I do. The only difference is I am fortunate enough to have all those hands me down from my sister in law so I do not need to buy anything, we have way too much stuff. I am planning to save up all those money and give it back to her...It's fair to give her back something, because we already used all those items for free~

Kiana's starting to eat more food. She was eating the baby puffs today..and she really likes it. I also made chicken congee for her, and i use the soup to mix it in with blended carrots. She seems to enjoy that. It reminded me of the last time when I was trying different food with Noah...Now he is a big big boy, a picky one too... it's time to experiment with Kiana. 

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