Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beer Glass Cake

Beer Glass Cake
My friend who helped me watch Noah requested a birthday cake for her hubby. When I asked her what does the hubby likes, she said he likes coconut cake..and beer. So I decided to make this cake for him. I've never bake many cakes before in my life, just started recently so I do not have any recipes. I looked for one in but most of them use the cake mix which I do not like. I finally found this coconut pound cake recipe, and after reading all the reviews, I modified it. It turn out pretty good, I am not a big fan but my in laws really liked them.

Here's the recipe for the coconut cake;

1 cup butter, softened
8 oz cream cheese
2 1/4 cups sugar
6 eggs
2 tsp coconut extract
3 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
2 cups unsweetened small flakes coconut

1. Preheat oven 325 degree Ferenheit. Beat the butter and cream cheese until very light and fluffy. Mix in sugar, and then all the other ingredients, one by one. 
2. Pour batter into Bundt pan, round pan or spring form pan. If it's thicker it will take a longer time. It took 1 hour 20 mins for my 6 inches 2 layers spring form, and just 40 mins for my 4 inches pans.
3. Test for doneness before removing it from the oven.
4. Always leave it to cool for 10 mins on wire rack before removing them from the pan.

For the filling, I used cream cheese frosting II, and I iced it with buttercream icing.  The top flowing beer, I used marshmallow fondant covering the hard sugar candy you can find the recipe from allrecipe too. I saw somebody's blogging about how she made this beer glass cake and I tried it out but it didn't work for me. You have to heat the candy at a very high heat for a long time for it to get harden, my 1st attempt failed, as it didn't harden at all. I poured them into the pan again to cooked it longer and it did harden but it was harden so quickly and it was so hot that I can't shape it at all. So I used it as a base for my flowing beer. I put coconut flavoring for the candy and it actually tasted pretty good.

This cake is very good with whipped cream and a nice cup of tea. Will I make this cake again? Probably not, unless it is requested, again.

Carrot Cake for my friend, Jessica's birthday on Tuesday. I hope she likes my cake. 

I made the mini cakes for ourselves to enjoy. It's very convenient because there's only 2 1/2 of us, we don't need to cut the whole cake up, and I can just freeze them up, take one out whenever I feel like eating. If you'd notice all the colours of the cakes are the same. It's because I made a mistake of the beer colour, and I do not want to waste the icing, so I used it for the filling and to ice other cakes too.

Stay tune for my next project, a Beyblade Birthday cake.. or a couple.. I have a few requests already... but the birthdays are not until next year so I have time to practice.

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